Co-Parenting Without Court

New Ways for Families®

Online Class and Coaching for
high-conflict divorce, separation and co-parenting

Online Class + Coaching

Co-parenting during or after separation or divorce can be challenging, especially in high-conflict co-parenting.

New Ways for Families is more than an online parenting class—it’s a powerful skills-focused method for de-escalating and influencing conflict

Learn relationship and conflict skills that work.

New Ways for Families

Online Classes Only

(No Coaching)

  • 12 classes for parents
  • 4 classes for parents + child(ren)
  • Price: $87
May qualify for parent education requirement. Check with your court.
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New Ways for Families Coaching (get online classes free)

  • 12 classes for parent
  • 4 classes for parent + child(ren)
  • 1-12 (60-minute) coaching sessions with our in-house coaches
  • Price varies depending on number of coaching sessions
    • 1 coaching session: $297
    • 3 coaching sessions: $597
    • 6 coaching sessions: $997
    • 12 coaching sessions: $1797
May qualify for mandatory parent education requirement. Check with your court.
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New Ways for Families Online Classes + Other Coaches

  • explore licensed coaches from all parts of the globe
  • contact them directly to schedule and purchase coaching sessions and class (coaches set their own pricing)
May qualify for mandatory parent education requirement. Check with your court.
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This online co-parenting class may meet the mandatory (court-ordered) parent education class requirement. 

Please check with your court to ensure this course will be accepted.

What You Will Learn

  • respond to hostile email with a BIFF Response®
  • communicate verbally with EAR Statements
  • make decisions without getting emotionally hooked
  • manage emotions & behaviors
  • make proposals instead of arguing, getting stuck and blaming
  • dealing with a high-conflict other parent

What You Get

  • 12 online classes for parents (1 hour each)
  • 4 online classes for parent + child (1 hour each)
  • OPTIONAL: 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom with a licensed New Ways for Families Coach to practice your new skills and get immediate feedback and direction for your particular situation
  • Certificate of Completion
Need help deciding what to do? Contact our New Ways Coordinator