Do you dread interacting with a certain someone?

If so, you may be dealing with a high conflict situation, which means you've likely been on the receiving end of blame, unmanaged emotions, extreme behaviors and all-or-nothing thinking. 
You didn't get a playbook for these situations, but now you can have your own Conflict Playbook.
Your interactions will be transformed. The dread will disappear. Confidence will increase. 

What Is Conflict Playbook?

One place to learn the necessary skills to deal with a high conflict situation by learning new decision-making and communication skills.

You will calm conflict. You will influence conflict. Although you can't change the person, you can change what you do, say, and write. You will learn new skills for:

  • Deciding what to do in High-Conflict Dilemmas
  • Talking: Use EAR Statements to De-escalate
  • Writing: Learn BIFF Response® for stop back-and-forth emails and texts

My CoParenting Playbook

Ready to improve your co-parent life? 

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Explore how Conflict Playbook can help your clients prepare for and deal with a high conflict situation.


"Thank you! I did learn a lot about how to answer to my ex-husband! And deal with my children! Least but most important stop feeling guilty! I copied a lot of things in this course in note app I want to read over again in needed time. Just in case I don't have access in here later. Again thank you. I didn't think starting this course I would learn much. Still I am glad most of my actions were right until now. "

Muriel V.

"Thank you, this is a wonderful program to understand why it is important not to go to court. To try to work things out the best you can."

Joshua F.

"Thank you for the insight. I was always struggling to understand why my ex would say such horrible things to me. About how useless I am, etc. The information on personalities has really given me that light bulb moment. I also have learnt that I should not involve my kids - I didn't think I was - I was. They just need to be kids. "

Sharon G.

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