Find a New Ways for Families® Licensed

Coach or Counselor

Why not get that extra support and assistance. The providers listed below have completed the New Ways for Families® training through High Conflict Institute and are licensed to use the New Ways for Families method and materials. Please contact them directly to book an appointment or make an inquiry.

High Conflict Institute does not:

  • endorse, certify, accredit or make guarantees about any services provided by anyone on this list

  • recommend one professional over another

  • monitor fees (professionals determine their fees)

  • Disclaimer:
    High Conflict Institute licenses New Ways providers to use High Conflict Institute methods following attendance at our trainings. However, High Conflict Institute does not evaluate, endorse or guarantee provider skill in their application of our methods.  New Ways providers are not employees of nor contractors with High Conflict Institute. Individuals should use their own judgement when interviewing and hiring providers. 

About Providers:

  • Some providers offer a sliding fee scale while others do not, as noted in the list below. You are welcome to inquire directly with the provider.

  • Also noted in the list below are those who have experience with domestic violence cases.


Click on the images below to select providers from that country