New Ways for Families® Licensed

Coach and Counselor List

 Looking for a divorce or co-parenting coach?

 The list below includes Divorce and Co-Parenting Coaches and Counselors who are licensed by the High Conflict Institute to provide coaching or counseling with the New Ways for Families method and materials.
Please contact the Coach or Counselor directly to inquire about New Ways for Families Coaching or Counseling.


What You Need To Know

  • Coaches: provide coaching with the New Ways for Families Online Class
  • Counselors: provide counseling for the New Ways for Families Counseling program
  • Fees: Each Coach/Counselor sets their own coaching/counseling fees, including sliding scale fee determination
  • Domestic Violence: those who have experience with domestic violence cases are noted
  • Make your selection:  select your Coach or Counselor from the list below, either by country and state/province

High Conflict Institute does not:

  • endorse, certify, accredit or make guarantees about any services provided by anyone on this list

  • recommend one Coach/Counselor over another

  • monitor fees or enter into fee disputes

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