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Coach, Counselor and / or Mediator

 Looking for a divorce or co-parenting coach, counselor or mediator?

 The list below includes Divorce and Co-Parenting Coaches, Counselors and Mediators who are licensed by the High Conflict Institute to provide coaching, counseling or mediation with the New Ways method and materials.
Please contact the Coach, Counselor or Mediator directly to inquire about New Ways Coaching, Counseling or Mediation.

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What You Need To Know

  • Coaches: provide coaching with the New Ways for Families Online Class
  • Counselors: provide counseling for the New Ways for Families Counseling program
  • Mediators: provide mediation with the New Ways for Mediation method
  • Fees: Each Coach/Counselor/Mediator sets their own coaching/counseling/mediation fees, including sliding scale fee determination
  • Make your selection:  select your Coach / Counselor or Mediator from the list below, either by country and state/province

High Conflict Institute does not:

  • endorse, certify, accredit or make guarantees about any services provided by anyone on this list

  • recommend one Coach/Counselor/Mediator over another

  • monitor fees or enter into fee disputes



For Parents

New Ways for Families® Coaching

  • Sign up for New Ways for Families® Online Classes HERE (mandatory court-ordered options available)
  • If you are completing the New Ways for Families® Online Classes with a coach, your coach will tell you when to complete each class 
  • Choose from the list of coaches below and make contact directly
  • If you don't see a coach in your state or province, please look at another state or province
  • Any coach is available for you to contact. The coaching services offered are NOT bound by law, state, jurisdiction or country and most coaches offer their coaching service online via zoom or other virtual platform. You can choose a coach from any state as they all teach the same skills and there is no legal advice offered. The New Ways skills have been designed so that they can be taught by a trained and licensed coach to anyone anywhere in the world.
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New Ways for Families Individual Parent Counseling and Parent/Child Counseling  

  • Choose from the list of counselors below and please contact them directly
  • Consisting of 6 x Individual Parent and Counselor Sessions and 3 x Parent/Child and Counselor Sessions
  • Counselors can only provide counseling sessions to parents and/or children within their state due to therapist-practitioner licensing regulations.  
  • No online component (classes) for the counseling sessions. The counselor and parent use a 'parent workbook' within each counseling session.
Download New Ways for Families Counseling Overview

New Ways for Mediation

  • Choose from the list of Mediators below and please contact them directly for more information about their mediation service.

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