9 Super Awesome Ways to Spend Time With Yourself This Christmas

co-parenting divorce May 12, 2020

© 2019 Andrea LaRochelle,RFM

1.  Cook a new recipe that’s complicated, time consuming and uses lots of exotic ingredients.  Spend hours puttering around spice markets, browsing at mouth-watering possibilities.  Invite friends over to enjoy the meal with you – or savour it while reading your favourite book or binge watching a new TV show.

2.  Cruise through YouTube and try out some new workouts – you name it, YouTube has it.  It even has some you can’t name.

3.  Go for a walk.  A long, luxurious walk.  Put on your headphones and listen to a podcast, audiobook or tunes of your choosing. Don’t have access to a device? Walk in silence and see what interesting and creative idea’s pop into your head.

4.  Grab yourself a coffee or tea and head to your nearest bookstore for some book skimming, no titles are off limits.

5.  Be a snow angel for community members. Nothing will make you feel better faster than helping someone else.

6.  Offer to pet sit for a friend or neighbour.

7.  Book yourself into a hotel room for a night and take a stay-cation.  Use the hotel pool/hot-tub and order fries from room service.

8.  Go see a movie.  Any movie you want.  

9.  Volunteer.  

Whatever Christmas looks like in your home, make it special on your own terms.

Andrea LaRochelle is an author, trainer, and speaker with the High Conflict Institute and serves on the board of the Alberta Family Mediation Society. She is a high conflict co-parenting expert and a registered mediator with over fifteen years experience helping families through the challenges of separation and divorce. She teaches co-parenting communication and guides parents to manage conflict more effectively, so their kids can focus on being kids.

Andrea’s published books include: The High-Conflict Co-Parenting Survival Guide; I’m Done!: Take Control of Your High Conflict Divorce; and the Goodbye Bugs children's series (Goodbye Angry Bugs, Goodbye Teary Bugs, and Goodbye Worry Bugs).


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