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New Ways for Families
Parent + Child Playbook

Same playbook as above with the addition of 4 sessions for the kids to take along with their parent.

12 sessions for parents
4 sessions for parents + kids

As a parent, we want to be the best role model that we can be. Master the New Ways for Families skills and then teach them to your kids. After you complete the 12 Parent Sessions, you and your children can begin right away on the four Parent-Child sessions.

Learn the skills, then teach the skills. This will also reinforce your own learning, putting everyone on the same page.  

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Critical Written Communication Playbook

The solution for communicating in writing with your co-parent.

Tired of receiving never-ending hostile, blaming emails, DMs, and texts? This playbook will help get your communications with your co-parent under control by learning a simple little technique called BIFF: Brief, Informative, Friendly, and Firm.

BIFF contains and de-escalates conflict and stops or at least slows down the barrage.

Join thousands of parents who have experienced relief from using BIFF. 

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Critical Verbal Communication Playbook 

The solution for communicating verbally with your co-parent.

Faced with draining and chaotic conversations with your co-parent that are filled with blame, verbal venting usually fills parents with dread. Yet, they can usually be calmed immediately with our simple EAR Statement technique. This playbook will help you learn to use statements containing Empathy, Attention, and/or Respect. It works wonders in seconds. It's a game-changer.

EAR Statements are what all people are looking for, especially when upset or in a conflict. 

Our team at Conflict Playbook is busy, busy creating this playbook.  The final finishing touches are being done right now. Coming in Soon!

If you can't wait - Also available as a hard copy book - Calming Upset People with EAR 

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High Conflict Separation and Divorce 13 Part Audio Series

The series is for separating or divorcing parents, and for professionals who want to know more about the most important issues that parents deal with in high-conflict divorce and separation, and co-parenting with a high-conflict parent. Listen while at work, rest or play.

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Learning the 4 Big Skills Playbook

Revolutionize your relationship and interactions with a difficult person in your life.

It works well with the most difficult "difficult" people but it works even better with any person who happens to be upset. 

This playbook is what you need to build the necessary skills for managing the conflict and managing the relationship. Don't give up hope!

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Surviving High-Conflict Divorce Playbook

You can. You can survive and thrive. Learn tips and tools not only for yourself but for your children. We focus on what you can do to manage your own stress and do your part in demonstrating healthy relationship skills with your co-parent—even with a high-conflict co-parent for the sake of your children's healthy brain development. We look at the fallout, your fear, your brain in survival mode, how to communicate better, plus getting unhooked. 

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Setting Boundaries Playbook

Setting limits and boundaries is the most important and most difficult step in handling High Conflict People. HCPs generally have less self-control, are more impulsive, less aware of the impact of their behavior on others, and often don’t care if their behavior bothers or hurts themselves or anyone else. We give you simple but necessary tools and strategies to set boundaries. You have to set the boundaries because the other person has the inability.

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Handling Crisis Moments Playbook

A personal crisis occurs when an individual can no longer cope with a certain situation. This is preceded by events of an extraordinary nature triggering extreme tension and stress within an individual, i.e., the crisis, which then requires major decisions or actions to resolve. This playbook will help you understand and manage your crisis, giving you an understanding of your emotional response. Broken down into four easy to understand modules. 

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1,000 Little Bricks Playbook

Protect our precious children from the harm of alienation and high-conflict divorce, boost their resilience by teaching them to think flexibly, manage their emotions, and moderate their behaviors. We all know breakups can get really ugly. But sometimes they can get downright vicious, with badmouthing, brainwashing, and allegations of alienation, child abuse and domestic violence, all leading to nasty custody battles. In this online playbook we help you become part of the solution, giving children a foundation of resilience that will last a lifetime.

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