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1,000 Little Bricks

An Online Course for Parents & Grandparents Dealing with Child Alienation

Suppose for a minute that when parents separate or divorce, they are given a pile of 1000 little bricks. They have the choice to use these bricks to build a wall against the other parent, or they can use these bricks to build a foundation of resilience for their child. 

It's up to you.....

After completing this playbook you will :

  • understand Child Alienation - What is it? What it isn't?
  • understand 'What to Avoid' and 'What to Do'
  • grasp the concept of '1000 Little Bricks' 
  • gain an insight into why high conflict and difficult people act the way they do
  • understand 'Child Alienation' and the courts
  • help you become more successful in your interactions with high conflict people as an individual and / or parent 

This playbook addresses the concerns of parents and professionals dealing with a difficult or “high-conflict” parent in divorce. For parents, this playbook gives a foundation for assisting a child during the divorce process – or at any time – without getting emotionally “hooked” by a high-conflict parent, whether or not they have a personality disorder or traits and characteristics of a personality disorder.

The content, information and tips can help any parent at any time. Life altering for you and your children.

The playbook has taken some key topics from the book 'Don't Alienate the Kids' by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. and packaged it specifically for online and self-paced learning. It takes a giant step in its effort to calm the conflict over child alienation. His “1000 Little Bricks” approach gives hope and really spells out what parents and professionals can do to help the kids build a Foundation of Resilience, even during a divorce, for everyone’s benefit in the future. The ideas in this playbook may change how people get divorced for years to come.

About the Author

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

As a former therapist and mediator with an interest in high conflict personalities, Bill is probably the most qualified expert in the world to write about this topic. He knows how bad it can get on the front lines of modern divorce in family court, and how families can become endlessly split over their children. He writes about these issues with expertise and sensitivity, with tips for everyone, from parents, family members and friends, to counselors, lawyers and judges. You will get to read more about Bill Eddy in the playbook.

Disclaimer: [The author and the publisher of this playbook are not responsible for any decisions or actions you take as a result of purchasing this playbook. Please tick the box upon checkout about our disclaimer.]