Co-Parenting Without Court Online Class (USD)

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Class Description

This co-parenting online class is designed to help you be the best parent you can be under the circumstances you are in. It can be helpful to any parent, but it specifically covers issues for parents going through a separation or divorce, and it will especially help you manage or avoid high-conflict issues.

Our goal is to give you vital skills to help you navigate through this time in your life. It may seem like this time has engulfed your every cell and will never be any different. It won't last forever. We are here to guide you and teach you New Ways to live a happy and healthy co-parenting life. Once you learn these skills, you will wish you had learned them sooner. 

What You Get

  • 12 online classes for parent
  • 4 online classes for parent and child together
  • Certificate of Completion

Once your purchase is complete, you will:

  • set up your login credentials
  • have immediate access to the online classes
  • schedule your sessions with your coach

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$87.00 USD


This Agreement is between High Conflict Institute and Class Participant.

  1. Participant agrees that High Conflict Institute bears no responsibility for Participant’s decisions and actions taken after taking part or all of this class.
  2. Participant understands that High Conflict Institute, is simply serving as an educational source for providing background information on common patterns of high conflict behavior and offering general methods that may be helpful in their situation.
  3. Participant agrees that High Conflict Institute and the New Ways for Families Online Class or Class is:
    • not a therapeutic service and should not be considered therapy in any form
    • an educational program for skills development
  4. Participant agrees and understands that there is no professional confidentiality protection such as between an attorney and client or therapist and client as a result of this class.
  5. Purchase is non-refundable.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the course, please contact us. We can talk through any issues and decide if another service might be better suited for you.

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