Co-parenting Playbook Options

All The Tools You Need To Manage Co-parenting Conflict

Manage conflict instead of letting it manage you. Now and in the future!

Co-parenting didn't come with a manual, no it did not?

That's why we are here.
We provide you with:
a playbook for every situation, especially when dealing with a high-conflict co-parent.

Conflict Playbook provides options:

  • single playbooks. Try one of our BEST SELLER Coparent Conflict Playbook: New Ways for Families® Online
  • 24/7 access - completely online
  • memberships with or without 1:1 coaching
  • co-parenting communities (one for moms; one for dads - access with membership only)
  • monthly Q&A sessions with High Conflict Institute Co-Founder, Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. (Access with memberships only)
  • discounts on books 
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Learn conflict skills that you have never been taught before.

In the future, you will come across a lot of New and First times, which are always harder when high-conflict co-parents and others around them are involved. 

The CoParenting Playbooks helps you to develop new skills to de-escalate conflict instead of staying stuck in the endless fighting, blaming, and getting nowhere. Especially in high-conflict divorce, separation and co-parenting.

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